Money-Saving Tips If You’re Still Using Cable TV

Many people today have opted to start streaming their favorite shows instead of relying on Affordable cable options. This is mostly because many prefer to have access to their programs wherever they are and whenever they want, which is what streaming offers. Although choosing streaming over cable is more preferred by the younger generations who are attached to their phones and tablets, there are still a lot of people who prefer their entertainment to come in a nice TV and on demand, hence cable services still thriving despite the popularity of streaming services.

Those who are still subscribing to cable may have noticed their bills slowly increasing over time. Don’t accept this. Get on the phone and call your service provider as soon as possible. Use these tips to help save money on your current and future cable bills:

1. Never Accept The Advertised Price

From the moment you see a set price posted by a cable company, question it immediately. People who ask questions before signing a deal are more likely to get discounts such as initial installation discounts, free bundles, and a discount for the first few months of subscription. Some cable providers might inform their customers of these deals, but others leave it to you to ask for special first time customer deals. So don’t forget to ask!

2. Speak To The Loyalty Department

When you call your service provider the first person you speak to will usually be their first line of customer service reps. These guys can provide you with help like rebooting your system, bill adjustments, and other concerns, most are not allowed to offer you discounts. Instead, ask to be transferred to the loyalty department instead. This is especially helpful for those who are long-time subscribers to one of the many affordable cable options.

3. Be Nice!

Many subscribers forget to be nice when they are talking to someone on the phone. When you are still speaking to the first person who answers your call, be nice and give them the information they need. If you argue and berate them, this wastes both your time. The faster you give them the necessary info the faster they can transfer you to the department you want to speak with.

4. Be Ready With Facts (Do Your Research)

Once you’ve been transferred to the loyalty department it is still not a guarantee that you will get the discounts and savings you want. Instead be prepared to give quotes that other companies offer their clients and use it a bargaining chip. Since the market for affordable cable options is very competitive your current cable provider might just consider the deal you bring to the table. Remember to speak calmly and treat the people you speak to with respect, this way they are more likely to offer you better discounts.

Getting better deals on your current cable subscription is quite possible as long as you do your research and have the patience to speak to customer service representatives. If you are prepared to handle their long waits, you might just get the best cable deals available in the market.

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