Questions To Ask Before A Product Sampling Campaign

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Despite what you might assume, there are few more effective ways of getting the word out about a new product than with the help of a product sampling campaign.  Repeatedly, they’ve been shown to produce a return on the investment – even if the product in question isn’t perfectly suited to the strategy.

In order to get the best from your product sampling campaign, however, you’ll want to first ask yourself a few questions.  Let’s run through them.


Is the product suitable for sampling?

While most products you’ll find are suitable for a sampling campaign, there are a few whose attributes make them better suited than others.  These include items that can be produced cheaply, but whose benefits are immediately obvious – and impossible to convey through words or images.  These might include small sweet snacks, or packs of dishwasher salt.  There are, however, some exceptions to this rule of …