Advertising Avenues You Can’t Ignore in 2019

 As an advertiser, you are always on the lookout for the best possible ways to advertise your brand. There is heavy competition in the market and only the best initiatives can bring a distinctive edge to your brand.

Effective advertising is not just about making goals, following the trends, running aggressive campaigns, and evaluating the campaign. And, the list cannot end here as there cannot be an exhaustive list for a sure success in advertising. Moreover, through advertising, you are aspiring to achieve a brand reputation.

As per recent research, building a brand reputation is crucial as it has manifold benefits. But, it takes a lot of time, experience, and work to build a brand reputation and get more business.

You always have to go that extra mile if you want success. But, more than hard work, the challenge is to identify that extra mile!

And, if you believe that you are going completely on track, and are able to build a good brand reputation, you might be right. But, how long will this continue? The problem is that there are trend changes which can cause a complete overhaul.

So, what are the trends in advertising that you cannot ignore in 2019? Read on to find out more!     

  1. Events

So many strategies have been used by advertisers in the past few years. Some of them have been successful, while some others did not give the desired results. But, the one thing that has always worked wonders is advertising through events.

Events can be location specific or online. These could be organized by you, or by business associations, or even your competitor. No matter who is organizing it, if the event is relevant to your audience, it becomes crucial for you to participate.

It is important to advertise through these events as events have a large user base. Your target audience will start believing in you if they see you present everywhere.

Participating in an event or conducting it is primarily done with the aim of networking. And networking is a big step toward advertising.

So, what exactly are you supposed to do? You can run your own contests online. Or, you could participate in events already trending in different parts of the world. Trade shows, exhibitions, talk shows, media interactions, and charity, each has its own value when it comes to advertising.

2019 is going to be very eventful for advertisers! Make sure that your audience sees you more than they see your competitors!  

  • Social Media Advertising

Social media is the favorite of all advertisers. And, this is because users are on social media all the time. The platforms are growing in number each year. And the user base keeps switching from one platform to the other. Yet, there are a large number of users who choose to be on almost all platforms.

Advertisers can choose a variety of ways to build a brand presence on social media. Sharing good content is still the best way to engage the users and invite more follows. Polls, contests, humor, attractive images are already in. And, videos are a growing trend which continues to do well.

So, social media platforms are an ideal place for the brands to show-off and keep their target audience engaged. In 2019, paid advertising is growing like never before on social media. And, as the competition increases among the platforms, you can expect a lot of new opportunities.

Paid social media advertising is a formal, commercial trend which will help the brands to focus on a more targeted audience in 2019. This is one of the reasons why businesses prefer it more over free advertising.

  • Professional Media Advertising

Whether you place it separately or not, LinkedIn never was one of those usual social media platforms. This professional networking platform is popular even among those who are not addicted to social media.

Many advertisers underestimate the potential of this platform. This is because they believe that very few people use it on a daily basis. But they are ignoring the fact that those who use LinkedIn are generally serious about everything that they find on this platform. This platform enjoys a very good reputation as even the CEOs are found here!

And, this is one platform which has a very high number of users. The number keeps increasing as most of the users don’t quit LinkedIn. Nevertheless, LinkedIn hardly has any strong competitors.      

I would obviously admit that certain types of products do better when advertised on LinkedIn compared to others. This includes technology products such as hardware, software, gadgets, and web hosting.

LinkedIn also offers various advertising options to choose from. You can place your sponsored content, text ads, sponsored InMail, or even video ads.  

And, best of all, LinkedIn comes with comprehensive analytics and reporting tools which will help you monitor your campaigns and evaluate the ROI.

So, if you haven’t started advertising on LinkedIn, you will have to, in 2019!

  • Omni-Channel Advertising

2019, no doubt, continues the era of Omni-channel advertising. Brands have so many channels to choose from.

Five years ago, it was simpler. Advertising started with one’s own website and spilled over to social media. Even celebrities were engaged as influencers. And, brands thought that this was enough!

But, now in 2019, as the competition is getting fiercer, brands must not ignore any single channel or platform which the competitor could be using.

So, email advertising, print media, digital media, social media, messengers, and professional networks are all a part of the game now.

While you continue to hear that paid advertising is important, you should not forget to include free adverting in your plan too. It has its wide reach.

Yes, you will have to be omnipresent, there is no choice!


Advertising plays a very important role in the success of a business. So, most of the businesses have dedicated budgets allocated for advertising.  

But, building the right strategies and allocating high amounts of budget to advertising does not suffice. You must follow the advertising trends too. You will have to start new endeavors and give up the old ones which are not working.

As a business owner, if it is becoming difficult for you to manage your advertising yourself, a good advertising agency can help you manage your campaigns effectively.  

I have listed the advertising trends at the beginning of 2019. Let us see how these change through the year. We will have to keep learning and adapting. Experimentation is also not ruled out. We will obviously have to work hard to survive the tough competition.

However, if you can find some tactics which are working very well for your brand, do share here!    

Author Bio

Jin Markov is an experienced Content Writer with, a research firm in the USA. He writes on areas related to advertising. His quest for knowledge makes him a lifelong learner who loves to experiment with varied subjects.