How To Make Good Use Of Feedback In The Workplace

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In a workplace context, quality feedback is extremely crucial. It primarily functions as a method of strengthening communication between and among employees and the management. If well exploited, feedback acts as an instrument for facilitating a strong workplace culture governed by meaningful internal relations. Besides, quality feedback nurtures room for improved productivity and career growth. Quality feedback can be gathered through frequent formal surveys, internal suggestion mechanisms and informal means (ordinary conversations with employees). This article shares several strategies on how to make good use of feedback in the workplace.


1. Give feedback on time

Feedback is of no use if it is communicated late as it will hardly make any impact on employees. Majority of employees will not understand what it implies hence ignore it. For example, if an employee’s performance is overly poor and the matter is raised after several months, it will be irrelevant. The employee in …

An employment equity training programme truly is a cost worth bearing for all businesses in South Africa

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An employment equity training programme truly is a cost worth bearing for all businesses in South Africa. Let us take a look at why.

Firstly, there is the law to consider. The employment equity act was drawn up to give a voice to those who have been side-lined for too long. Employment equity training will allow a business to learn the tools which will give them an opportunity to help these individuals through learnership programmes to setting up a safer environment alleviating discrimination.

Second, there is BEE to consider. Employment equity makes up one of the factors that leads to a company’s total score on the BEE license. The higher the score, the better the benefits that the company will enjoy. The bonus to making up one of the factors is that it is here that a major portion of points can be scored. With this in particular, employment equity …