We Let Trees in Our Yard Grow Too Tall

Our wonderful little gathering of pines got wrecked when a windstorm took one of them out. It fell over snapping two other pines in the process. I had just stopped mowing because the rain and wind started. Instead of pulling the riding mower back into the garage, I pulled it under the trees. The water of the rain would not have hurt it, but the tree falling on it sure did! I called a Nassau County tree removal company to come out and cut up the fallen pines and haul them away.

After looking at the rest of the trees still standing, we decided to have all of them taken down. Those pines were just too tall to be safe in a residential neighborhood. I did not want to see them go, but they were a risk to our house and our neighbor’s house. If the trees would have fallen in the opposite direction, they would have landed on my neighbor’s house. Considering what one did to my mower, I don’t want to think about what they would have done to a house with vinyl siding.

I watched those trees grow up with our children. They kept getting taller and taller, and I did not think anything about it. I see tall pines all of the time in the woods and on hiking trails. It is easy to forget how trees can pose a serious risk to people and objects if they fall. Even large branches from big trees, such as oaks, can smash cars. Smaller branches can break windshields. I would not want any branch falling on my head.

We kept the smaller row of pines in our yard. They are not a species that grows very tall like the other ones that were at the end of our yard. We miss the pretty trees, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

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