We Found a Place in the Country

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Megan and I have been looking for a house for some time and we have finally found something much like we are looking for. The place is out in the country and it is a good ways from almost any other place, although in reality it sits down a dirt road behind a rather large horse farm. It is completely hidden from the road, although honestly on this road that does not really mean so much. So at once we started to think about home security. If you wanted to rob a place this would really be the perfect place. Although honestly it does not seem as though most people would never know that the place was there. It would be really easy for a reasonably intelligent thief to clean the place out. You would just have to wait for the two of us to leave for work and then you could drive a truck down there and load it up with every last thing that was worth stealing.

Aside from that this place is really great, although it does need a great deal of work to make the place as nice as we would like for it to be. We are going to start out with the things that really need to be done, the bathrooms are old and they need to be done over. Obviously the one we are going to use the most is a bigger priority than the other one. This place is really great if you want to have a dog, because you could let it run loose and it would not bother any other person in the least. The nearest other home is close to a mile away and that is an old farmer who is really nice, although it seems as though he shall start selling off the land.