The Tech Literacy Problem

When it comes to technology, it’s an umbrella term, of sorts, a nebulous terms that can be intimidating at times. Tech is a lot of things, after all, that can be divided into categories and subcategories and on and on and on… Therefore, we’re not always as technologically literate as we’d like to be, as we perhaps ought to be in a world to tech focused. Tech today is absolutely integrated with just about every aspect of our lives. Even small local businesses have social media presences these days, and we’re starting to connect our fridges to the internet, so it would be ideal if we knew a good deal more about what we’re dealing with. Here are a few ways to learn more about technology to better interact with tech in the digital age.

First and foremost, there’s no substitute for good old fashioned research, and tech, once again, has your back. When you have a tech question, don’t ignore it like you normally do. Instead, pick up your phone, you know, that super computer in your pocket, the modern equivalent of the Library of Alexandria, and Google it. For example, did you know that RAM stands for Random Access Memory and refers to the amount of processing power your device has at its disposal to store temporary information? I didn’t, until I looked it up.

Another way to learn more about tech is to hear it from an expert. It’s like research, but you can tackle it on two fronts at once. When reading about it online, you can really only read it, but if you’re hearing it from an expert, you can also take notes in real time, and that has tremendous benefits, hence the structure of schools and universities the world over. So, book a flight, make a reservation with Crowne Plaza Hotels, and find a lecture, seminar, or convention where you can hear an expert speak on some tech related subject. You’ll be amazed what kind of knowledge can pick up this way. And, I wasn’t kidding before. Take notes. Really. Writing things down helps you remember them much better than hearing or seeing them. The only thing better is to do them for yourself.