Reclaimed wood reception desks for your office

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and for many people, building something from scratch, using reclaimed materials, is fulfilling in terms of both environmental responsibility and personal challenge.

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With a bit of expertise and delicacy, reclaimed materials have become highly prized for the character they can bring home and office furnishings. As well as vintage timbers, iron castings, once considered merely functional, now seem to ooze style and good value.

Find a vision

Before you start your desk project, you need a clear idea of what you want to build.

Wait until you’ve found your recycled materials before working out precise dimensions and details of connecting joints.  You will need to take into consideration the space in the area you are putting this desk, for example a reception area in the main foyer.  If you are planning to fit in some Reception Chairs from sites …

How to Secure the Best Virtual Office Supplier in Auckland

New Zealand is an absolutely breathtaking country, with so much to see and do on both the North and South Island. It’s regularly featured in lists of the most beautiful countries in the world and when you see the stunning, diverse scenery on offer, you’ll soon understand why. However, the country’s natural beauty and friendly, laid back people are not the only things attracting business owners to this island nation.

As well as being listed as one of the most beautiful nations on earth, New Zealand has also won the accolade of being the easiest place on the planet to launch a new company. It’s highly competitive tax system is a massive draw, and when you couple this with a vibrant metropolitan city like Auckland, transparent regulatory bodies and a low level of compliance, you quickly see the draw for business owners. Auckland I, however, among the top 100 cities