Surrogacy for your happy parenting

Surrogacy as the relatively new direction of infertility treatment occupies a special place in the ADONIS list of highly technological services. 

Surrogacy is used when pregnancy and childbirth are undesirable or medically impossible, when the risk of pregnancy is too dangerous for the intended mother or one of the partners has fertility problems. 

ADONIS Surrogacy is considered to be an assisted reproductive technology, which is supported by a legal agreement between the intended parents and the surrogate.

For the best safety and comfort of clients, ADONIS provides only certificated and proven ways of Surrogacy treatment. The qualification of our specialists together with equipment from the USA and Europe make the ADONIS services widely known not only in Ukraine, but in worldwide medical society. 

The main advantages of ADONIS Surrogacy Department that will convince our qualification: 

  • The latest technology of Gestational Surrogacy

ADONIS provides the Gestational Surrogacy Programs only. It means that the genetic connection between the future baby and his intended parents (at least one of them) is an indispensable condition. 

With our Surrogacy services we ensure the total control over the process of infertility treatment using the Surrogates with the best health and case history. 

  • High Success of Conceiving Rate

ADONIS great Success Rate ensures the highest possibility to conceive with the latest technologies of IVF. The data calculated by 2020 can’t be just an accident – it is a dedicated work of the whole team of fertility specialists. The best results for everyone with the help of ADONIS best possibilities.  

  • Precisely selected Surrogate base 

ADONIS ‘own Surrogate base will keep you out of the unnecessary worries. We always have a responsible approach to the selection of Surrogate – total diagnostic, case history examination, common views and willingness to cooperate – all the tiniest aspects are taken into account. The only thing is required from the intended parents – choose the best variant for them according to wishes and personal attachment.

  • Perfectly arranged legal side 

ADONIS Surrogacy in Ukraine is fully legalized and supported by the law. The rights of the intended parents are totally protected, when the ADONIS own Legal Department will assume all documentary and bureauсracy things. 

Surrogacy in Ukraine is the best opportunity for our foreigner clients to become parents with no additional problems and barriers (the Surrogacy in the UK or USA is a more complicated process by comparison with Ukrainian one).

Your beautiful future and the happy future of your children is ensured by the ADONIS competitive medical help. The main thing – your total health – is an easily reached goal with the highly qualified ADONIS services.

Affordable price of parenting 

In ADONIS we try to make infertility treatment accessible for everyone. That’s why Surrogacy cost is really affordable and reasonable with no additional margins. 

The assembly of all ADONIS advantages make the infertility treatment in our medical establishment an unbelievable experience with great results which you have been waiting for a long time.

Great choices can easily change your life. ADONIS Surrogacy treatment is your great choice of happiness!

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