Keeping the Room Cool Before Everything Melts

When the HVAC system in my candle shop went out, I started to panic. I opened the candle shop over 20 years ago, and this was the first time that I had a problem with the HVAC. I was working against time, because it was a hot summer day, and the more time passed, the more that all of the candles in the shop would begin to melt. Once the candles start melting, no one will want them because they can’t retain their original shape. I quickly got an HVAC repair in NJ, because I didn’t want to throw out all of the candles I made, nor did I want to have to remold them.

I picked one of the companies on the first page of the search results that I used, and I contacted the company and asked them if they could come to my shop immediately to fix the problem. They sent one of their best workers over to the shop, and he headed to the air conditioner to see what was wrong. A part here and there in the air conditioner wasn’t working, so he had to use some parts from his truck to replace them. He did it just in time, because I could smell the fragrance from some of the candles getting stronger, which meant that they were getting hotter.

The shop returned to its normal temperature, and the candles were able to hold onto their shape. Business for the candle shop has been booming. A lot of people have been wanting scented candles so they can help themselves relax in these stressful times. People who have never been into candles have come in and asked for recommendations. It’s bad that they’ve gone through tough times, but it’s good that they’ve come to me for help in the form of candles.

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