A Mirror Broken by Accident

There is a mirror in my bathroom right above the sink. One day while I was removing the curtain rods in the bathroom, I accidentally broke the mirror. The curtain rod hit the mirror and made a big crack right in the center of it. The crack was so large and noticeable, so I couldn’t just ignore it and continue to use the mirror as if nothing happened. I looked online for companies that can perform custom mirror and glass installations in homes to put a new mirror in the location of the old one.

Mirrors are pretty easy to get replaced. All you have to do is get the right shape and size and the new one will look exactly like the old one. My online searches for companies that could replace the mirror brought me to some websites that had reviews for local companies in the area. Many of them had good reviews, with some expectations, but the exceptions were few and far in between. Eventually I decided on a company and contacted them about my issue. They sent someone over to measure the area and give me an estimate.

Once I had an idea of how much the new mirror would cost, I agreed to have it done. The mirror was installed in basically no time at all, and it looked just like the one that was hanging above the sink before. The only problem that was left was figuring out how I would keep myself from breaking the mirror in the future. I don’t move around the curtain rods that often, as it’s only done when I plan on changing out the curtains for different ones. I guess I’ll just have to remember to be extra careful and move a little more slowly when taking off the curtain rod.

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