A Quick Makeup Session Was All It Took

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I got wind that my best friend’s boyfriend was planning on proposing to her. It was easy enough to get this information since his brother and I are married. I knew that she would be mortified since she thought they were just going on a casual picnic. She was wearing a nice outfit, but she just had her hair pinned up and was wearing no makeup. I did not want to give away the surprise, but I wanted her to be prepared since I knew there would be pictures taken. I knew of a mobile makeup service that would be able to come over to my house, which is where he was picking her up.

I had never used this mobile service myself, but a few of my other friends have. They have been very pleased with the results each time, so I knew that I could convince her to give it a try if I pulled it off the right way. I contacted the mobile makeup service and arranged for someone to be at my house an hour before my brother in law was picking her up for their picnic.

I made it seem like they were there for me, but I convinced her to have it done too. Since she loves fashion and looking good, it was a very easy sell. She figured she would look a bit overdone for their picnic, but I told her there was no way of that happening! We both had our hair done, and then she had her makeup done by the stylist. I cannot even explain how amazing it was to see her go from no makeup to looking completely dolled up, but in a very natural way. When he picked her up, you could see the love shining in his eyes along with a very appreciative look. I can understand that because she was truly beautiful, both on the inside and out. And now, we are finally becoming sisters!