An Important Role for a New Company

Two months ago, I started my own company. I created the company to sell greeting cards to people. I started it based on some greeting card designs that I made. A friend of mine suggested that I make the company and sell the cards, and I took his advice. I hired some people to help me create designs for new cards, some to help with marketing, and a secretary from one of the company secretarial services in Singapore to help with other simple tasks. The secretary has been really busy, but she’s been great at her job.

We make greeting cards that cover various occasions, such as birthdays, graduations, child birth, loss, and health. We also produce custom cards for people that request them. We like to have customers request these cards a couple of weeks before they actually need them to give us time to design, create, and deliver the card to them. At first, we started out offering simple cards to customers, but we’ve introduced pop up cards and audio cards recently. I had a secretary to create a press release to tell everyone about the new cards that we offer. The audio cards can play sounds when opened, and the pop up cards have a three dimensional object made of paper that pops up when the card is opened.

Our customers love the cards, but the new ones that we’ve introduced have become the best sellers out of our products. The customers love to request all kinds of special designs based on movies and television shows that certain people like. I had the secretary create a customer feedback document so that people could tell us how much they liked the cards and suggest new things for us to do. It seems that people really want to see us make cards with lights next.

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