4 Most Common Workplace Injuries

There are plenty of injuries that can occur in your place of business that can affect you as an employer. Not only do injured employees cost you time lost, but they could also cost you a considerable amount of money.  

There are thousands of accidents across the country every day; some of them more serious than others. For this reason, it’s incredibly important for you to take the proper precautions and follow safety guidelines as a business owner. 

By being as prepared as possible, you can avoid people getting hurt on the job. Here are some of the most common injuries that people suffer at work and what you can do to protect your employees. 

Slips and Falls 

Almost half of all injuries that happen on the job are the result of slip and fall injuries.  These can be one of the most dangerous since they can cause head and spine injuries, which are some of the most serious. To avoid this kind of incident, you should make sure that all surfaces are wiped clean and free of liquid or oils. Any obstructions in pathways should be cleared out so that workers don’t risk tripping and falling. 

Depending on the job your workers are doing, they may be required to wear proper footwear.  The wrong kind of shoes can lead to serious injury. 

Machinery Accidents 

Jobs that require working with heavy machinery create a serious safety hazard if a piece of clothing or worse, a body part, gets stuck in moving parts. The results can be deadly. The best way to prevent these kinds of incidents is to follow all safety guidelines and make sure that anyone operating machinery has been properly trained. 

In addition to machinery operators being trained, employees should know how to navigate around these machines when they’re in use. Anytime there is machinery of any kind, there’s a potential for serious accidents. 


In many situations, workers may be working with flammable or explosive materials. Explosions and fires can happen as a result, and in turn, workers may suffer severe burns and lung damage. It’s critical that you follow all OSHA standards for working with flammable materials as well as wearing protective equipment. 

Repetitive Motion Injuries 

One of the most common injuries in the workplace, regardless of the industry, is repetitive motion injuries. People whose job requires them to do the same actions over and over can result in pain and stress on joints. If serious enough, they can inhibit an employee from being able to do their job permanently. Make sure that your employees are educated on the right stretches and how to position their body to avoid being hurt. 

Although you may not be able to stop injuries from happening completely, you can reduce the likelihood by taking the right safety measures and following the right guidelines.