Bricks-and-mortar food businesses have alternatives

Setting up a business can involve a lot of outlays. Chief among these can be establishing a permanent base, as the combination of commercial rents and recent increases in business rates can be a hefty disincentive to renting a place to house the business. Competition is tough, both online and on the high street, and for a food business, a kitchen is generally required too.


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Streamlined approach

Another way of approaching things is to distribute food products out of a series of pop-up stores. The pop-up has become a trendy feature of life in large cities. To learn more about the culture of the pop-up, see this report in The Guardian
For a food business, the pop-up offers advantages such as getting the product out in a new area, without the attendant costs of having to establish a permanent store and preparation area. With pop-ups, the main kitchen can be located some distance away, in a less fashionable area where rents and rates are lower, while the pop-up can move around in central areas of the city. The food is prepared in your commercial kitchen, and simply delivered to wherever your pop-up, or multiple pop-ups, happen to be.  The owners will normally put a few seats out, a table with condiments and napkins and maybe some Used Pallet Racking for people to wait while they are finishing their meals.  To get a selection of options and discuss what’s available got to sites including

As your products become known, they will gather fans. In city centres these could be large businesses or offices which subscribe to daily deliveries. Again, the food is prepared at the usual kitchen and delivered to where it needs to be daily. Deliveries can be done yourself or outsourced to a reliable courier company.


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Equipping a commercial kitchen can be expensive. If you need to find out more about the options available for commercial warewashers it would be a good idea to consult a trustworthy website which will give you lots of ideas and friendly advice on the most up to date developments in commercial warewashers.

Success in today’s economy means being more flexible than ever before. Pop-ups may seem transient, but they allow you to adapt quickly should a location prove to be unsuitable. Delivery services are another way to expand your customer base without the expenses of maintaining a shop in the area. As long as your commercial kitchen is outfitted properly, it can be almost anywhere. The food itself is the most important part of your business, the rest is simply logistics.

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