Where Can You Get Everything You’d Ever Want?

Staying at the Treasure at Tampines condo was a real treat! The area was high class and looked more expensive than it was. The price point is really good as well for the condo you get. I opted to stay in a three bedroom condo with my sister and a mutual friend who was staying with us in Singapore. We used the third bedroom as a guest room and when our friend stayed with us, it was when we first moved in. We joke around that the room is her’s, she just lets others stay there sometimes.

The location of Treasure at Tampines couldn’t be more perfect for shopaholics like myself. It is located within walking distance of well known stores and a few specialty shops. The town is not to far off and everything is well within reach no matter if you need building supplies, furniture, trendy clothing, or just a good bite to eat. In addition to those shops, you also have a wide variety of bath shops and gift shops for anyone that happens to be visiting and wants to take home some gifts from Singapore.

The real thing that sold the condo to me and my sister was not the location, but the actual amenities of Treasure of Tampines! There is a lot of things to do here like lounging by the pool, fitness related activities, going on a spa day, or just relaxing near one of the gardens here. Along with those, there are many things for kids to do including their own water slides and pools or the park area for the kids to play on.

All in all, there isn’t much this condo location doesn’t have. It has decent prices, the rooms are spectacular, the amenities are phenomenal, and the shopping near by can not be matched! I would urge everyone coming to Singapore to get a condo here! It has everything you could ever need and more!