Making a Major Life Change

I was in vacation in Singapore for a month, and I really enjoyed being there. It was a place that I could see myself living in if I had the money to move from my home country. After getting back from my vacation, I decided that I wanted to make one of the biggest changes in my life. I decided that I would be moving to Singapore, and started saving money and making plans to initiate my move. I found a place that would be my future home, the Treasure at Tampines. It looked like one of the best places to stay, with its condo style rooms and lots of space.

After some time had passed, I was finally ready to move out of the country and head to Singapore. I was selling off my old home, and giving the items that I couldn’t take with me to my brother. I thought about selling them, but my brother said he was willing to take them off my hands, because he wanted to use some of the items. He also told me that he would hold onto them just in case I wanted to change my mind and come back home, but I told him that I was sure that I wouldn’t be coming back, except for occasional visits.

As soon as I arrived in Singapore again, I headed to the new condo that I had gotten, and started making it look more like a home by putting things inside of it. I made it look similar to the old home that I used to have in my home country. I had a job in Singapore lined up already so I didn’t have to worry about making money. Living in Singapore permanently felt like moving to my own heaven and being in paradise forever.