Aluminium Extrusion Connectors

Extruded aluminium is indispensable in the manufacture of connectors and their use is widespread across every industry you can think of. There are literally hundreds of types from power lock fasteners and T-slot bars to rivets, screws and washers. The versatile process of extruding aluminium allows manufacturers to produce batches of connectors in large numbers in a short time frame making them some of the most cost-effective products.

Constructing Frames

Extruded aluminium creates complex cross-sectional profiles that enable the long bars and sections of window frames to simply slot into place and be held securely. Large angled brace sockets and mitre connectors set at varying angles are used when constructing the open framework of bridges. They can also be used for the interior supporting frames of spacious buildings such as exhibition halls or sports stadiums. Complex connectors with multiple slots on each face allow side pieces to be fixed in different directions to create a latticework. When slotted into place the bars and panels are held securely providing stability and superior strength. They even require minimal fastening through screws and rivets.

Cross Connectors

The intricate designs that can be created through using aluminium extrusions make them perfect for the manufacture of connectors for shelving and racks. The cross-sectional profiles provide versatility when using flexible display units that be dismantled and re-installed over and over simply by pulling the sections apart. The strengthening process of extruding aluminium ensures cross connectors have a superior performance wherever they are used.

Connectors in Construction

A variety of strong connectors such as power lock fasteners that often require no additional drilling provide flexibility when used in construction projects. Their ease of use enables work to progress efficiently and reliably allowing time schedules and deadlines to be met with cost-effective results. Butt fasteners and mounting brackets help to connect girders and panelling quickly and provide a secure fastening that can be relied on. Several connectors are used in domestic furniture or DIY projects and include screws and washers, connecting plates gussets and angle connectors.

Cost-effective Solutions

Aluminium extrusion connectors are economic and quick to produce enabling high production rates at short notice. The strength of aluminium extrusions creates secure connectors and fastenings with complex cross-sectional profiles that are reliable and have multiple applications. Edmo Limited have years of experience at producing all types of high-quality aluminium extrusion connectors.