Plumbing Problems that Demand Professional Help

When faced with a serious plumbing problem, it is best to not do it by yourself. Most plumbing jobs are complicated. That is why it requires two to three years of apprenticeship and education together with another year of plumbing experience before one becomes a professional plumber.

While it is ideal to avoid the cost of hiring a professional, it is better to ask for their help to avoid further problems. Here are plumbing problems that you should not try to repair yourself.

When Pipes Burst or Freeze During Winter

Once the temperature significantly drops, the water inside the channel can expand and can cause a rupture in the pipes. When left as it is, broken pipes can cause flooding issues. While the flood gives you an indication that your pipe is bursting, it might take you some time to locate the exact location of the crack. Every minute wasted on searching the flaw is an opportunity for the leaked water to spread extensively.

Luckily, professional plumbers like My Uncle Gus Handyman Services can easily isolate and locate the source of a leak. They can, therefore, control the situation by repairing the damaged pipes quickly. After the leak is fixed, they can then drain the pipes and insulate them to add protection and durability for a tougher climate.

When Sulfur or Sewage Can Be Smelled

That rotten smell spells bad news. One of the most common indications that your pipes is defective is the foul smell that may come from your clogged sewer line. Without a plumber’s help, damaged pipes can leak the sewage and cause harmful effects to the environment and your home’s foundation.

If you attempt to clear the blockage by yourself, there is a high possibility that the sewer line will receive further damage. Furthermore, the smell of raw sewage can become worse and enter your home, which is dangerous for your health. With the help of professional plumbers, the source of your pipe problems can be safely identified, and solutions can be immediately given.

When the Entire Home Undergoes Remodeling

Renovating your kitchen and bathroom usually requires the need to move fixtures and appliances. That means drains and lines that are linked to your appliances should be moved as well.

If you need to update your pipe fittings, valves, connectors, etc., let the professional plumbers handle it. They can provide professional installation services to help prevent any future problems due to poor installation.

Final Thoughts

Although there are times that a leaky faucet can be fixed by yourself, most of the time, the best plan of action is to ask for a plumber’s help. If any of your pipes burst, a plumber can quickly find the leak, contain it, and avoid further damage. Foul smell from clogged sewage lines should also be immediately solved to prevent the leak of toxic sludge. Basically, if you are looking for a more safety method of fixing your pipes, calling a professional plumber is the perfect solution.