We Are Ready to Build the House

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We have had the land for almost five years now, my grandfather and Linda’s dad went into together and bought it as a wedding gift. Of course the place is near where both of them live and they have been expecting grandchildren ever since. At any rate building a house is a little complicated if you have not ever done it before and I am trying to get it right. The big idea I have is wanting to make it so that the house is both easy to afford now and when we live in it. I went to homesecurity911.com today to start thinking about that part of the deal, although I really want to try to avoid a high monthly rate on monitoring, which does not seem like a practical idea based on what I have seen to this point. At any rate I want to see what I can afford and figure out what has to be done immediately and what can wait.

The thing we really like is the idea of a smart house, although there seems to be a nearly infinite range of things which that might actually mean. You can buy the stuff you need off of the shelf and slap something together by yourself, but again you might do that ten thousand different ways and get as many results. Ideally the house would actually know where you are all of the time and most of all when you are not at home and when you are going to return home. That way it can adjust the temperature according to whether or not there are people in the house or for when the people shall be there. You do not want to come home to a freezing cold home, but you do not want to pay to keep it toasty while you are at work.