Singapore’s MyDoc pulls in $5.2M for corporate health platform

A relatively new Singapore based health and wellness technology startup MyDoc has recently come forward with news that it has officially raised $5.2 million in Series A funding, a round of initial funding that has been opened up by UST Global out of California.

MyDoc is a platform that has been established to facilitate corporate employees with more improved and efficient start to finish health services through video conferencing and consulting with doctors and medical professionals, the opportunity to take advantage of online prescriptions, and ability to utilize online medical certifications to find the right doctors for health screenings, private care, and primary care solutions that may have been more challenging to take advantage of in the past.

The MyDoc platform is being established to provide access to better dental, mental and physical therapy, eye health, fitness, and other medical solutions as well, and the company hopes that one day it will become the “one-stop shop” for all things health related, especially when it comes to finding the right professionals and better managing your own health on your own terms.

Already the MyDoc solutions have been utilized by number of Singapore-based companies and organizations, and the initial reports are very favorable. Efficiency is up, costs are down, and the quality of healthcare that individuals utilizing MyDoc are able to enjoy is world-class across the board.

A number of the initial test run partners that rolled out the MyDoc solution across their corporate infrastructure have been able to report positive benefits from this new technology, and many have been working side-by-side with the MyDoc team to find more effective and more efficient ways to provide the best possible solutions to clients and patients alike.

A huge feature of the MyDoc platform is how simple and straightforward it makes the process of corporate employees finding a medical professional regardless of the issue that they may be dealing with, and then scheduling an appointment that suits the needs of the patient and the doctor right down to the ground.

The scheduling features that are a huge part of MyDoc have been praised by those in the health and wellness technology sector as well as other startups throughout Singapore. In fact, a number of other startups in the business to business sector have been looking to take advantage of a partnership with MyDoc to utilize these scheduling tools in a business setting, and MyDoc has contemplated licensing out their proprietary solutions to improve business scheduling tools available on the market right now.

The new round of funding from UST Global is going to provide MyDoc the opportunity to expand their technological capabilities, improve the already impressive medical expertise they have on staff and on board, and take advantage of new technology opportunities that are presenting themselves in the startup community throughout Singapore and the rest of the world.

On top of that, MyDoc hopes to utilize some of this funding to better market and advertise their services outside of Singapore an effort to capture more of the global market as they grow and expand. UST Global is anticipated to inject even more funding into the MyDoc platform in the years to come, and a Series B round of funding in a year or two is not unreasonable.

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