5 Reasons Why You Need to Invest on Trade Shows

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“Old still works” that’s what our parents say to us whenever we undermine a traditional technique that still works for them and could still be working in our today’s age.

Trade shows are old and yet can still be considered as a very good marketing platform for small and big businesses. Though technology is converging customers and businesses more and more nowadays with the help of the internet and social media. It’s foolish to consider trade shows are no longer effective.


Let us give you five reasons why many businesses still invest on trade show booths and trade shows to market their product:

1. Trade shows are your platform to direct customer sales opportunities

Trade shows works because many of them are organized based from a certain niche or interest. Trade shows can be tailored made for an automotive trade, food expo, real estate, travel and tour offers, wedding expo and so on.

By exhibiting on niche specific trade shows, a business can be able to connect to customers of the same interest and are ready to buy. This is why businesses on trade shows always bring in their product and marketing collaterals such as flyers, posters, magazine, and banner stands to make sure that they don’t miss on getting their sales and convert.

2. Trade shows can be used to collect direct leads for your business

Just like what was discussed in the first entry, trade shows are good venue for people who want to get in touch with their potential customers. This is why businesses use these events to collect leads, they ask people to fill up forms, submit email and contact details to add them on their collection of leads for their products and services.

3. Trade shows allows you to be with the big fishes in one fish tank.

Trade show and other expos allow you to position your business together with many of the biggest names in your industry. Their potential customer is your potential customer too. This is why even if you are a small business, you should consider signing up on these trade shows and bringing in your business.

These big brands bring in their business on a specific location, and if you want people who have interest to same product and services to notice you, take advantage by joining these events.

4. Trade shows are cost-effective and give you ROI

The best thing about trade shows is that they are affordable and cost-effective. Renting a space for your trade show booth and dressing it up to fit your business, investing on meals for your employee and some booze to giveaway is more efficient than investing on other marketing channels. Why? Because trade shows give you an opportunity to close down sales directly, which is lower cost compared to other alternatives. With proper work on making sure that your trade booth and collateral works, you can further you return-on-investment compared to selling your product on TV.

5. Trade shows are give you an opportunity to strengthen you network

Trade shows are not only about potential customer sales and conversion but it is also a good way to network and build friends in your industry. Many business use trade shows to also find supplier and services that can make their business bigger.

Take advantage of trade show events by using your free time on networking with other business owners. Bring your calling card and introduce yourself to others.

Merge Traditional and Technology on Trade Shows

Businesses, especially those small entrepreneurs who are just new to trade show events should take advantage of the technologies available today. It is important to devise a campaign that would drive trade show leads to the business website and social media pages. Add creativity to get people buzzing about your trade show booth.