Wine Tasting- How Does It Work?

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You may have attended a wine tasting event and seen people sniff, spit and make various faces when they sip their wine from the glass. You might wonder what all the fuss is about but it is just the normal wine tasting ritual that takes place everywhere where wine lovers come together to do much more over than just sip wine.

The Bennett Kireker New York Wine Club is a group where wine lovers come and meet. They share their common love for wine and share excellent tips when it comes to wine tasting. They suggest you should consider wine tasting to be a game where you identify flavors and smells. This of course depends upon your experience and knowledge of wine. However, this knowledge grows with the passage of time. You are lucky that you get to taste more and more wine on the way!

Understanding wine and its true components

There some terms when it comes to wine taste and you will find people using the terms like balanced and complex. There are other descriptive words used by wine lovers across the world. However, the fun actually is when you provide a description of the words yourself and express how to feel about the wine.


Tips on how to taste wine

The first thing an enthusiastic wine lover should do is test the consistency and the color of the wine. This reveals its age and quality. Now, if you take a look at the wine, it seems to be a single color but it is in fact a range of different colors. You can understand it when you look at it from the side or at a tilt. You should also swirl the wine in order to understand the legs and the tears of the wine.

The next aspect of the wine you need to check is its smell. Like its colors, wine is made of a wide range of aromas. There are some aromas that are so intense that it shoots straight up at your nose. Again there are other wines that are subtle and faint in smell. The aroma of such a wine lasts for a few minutes. You should remember wine making does not only involve grapes. There are oak barrels and the accompanying flavors of other sources. This means when you are tasting wine, be prepared to taste some earthy sources. This sounds interesting especially if you are new to the concept of wine tasting.

Sip and suck to get the distinct flavors

The last step  of the wine tasting procedure is to take a small sip and suck at it as if you are pulling out a straw. This allows the flavors of the wine circulate in the mouth so that you can identify them better. You can also get familiar tones like fruit and vanilla. It is here that you get the source of tastes and flavors that make each wine unique from the other. The taste becomes sharp and it is here the fun of wine tasting starts for you says Bennett Kireker!