Long Distance Moves Are Best Left To The Professionals

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How often do you move? According to a recent study completed by Comfree, roughly 30% of Canadians relocate once every 5 years. However you compare with these statistics, there’s one thing that Comfree’s study suggest you share with your fellow relocating Canadians: your move is an exhausting and stressful experience. This is especially true when you’re moving to an entirely new city, province, or coast. A move of that size can be too much to take on by yourself, as your inexperience causes you to miss critical details that may end up costing you. In order to save your peace of mind and the integrity of your belongings, get experienced long distance movers who can make your move across Canada painless and hassle free.


While there may be several to choose from, the moving companies Canada as a whole trust come with key features to ensure they’re skilled enough to help. They must have an association with North American Van Lines, as this ensures the trucks they use are road worthy. They should also be members of the Canadian Association of Movers, as this accreditation will ensure they have the appropriate licences and insurances necessary to protect their employees and your belongings. As a third-party organization that prides itself on certifying safe and capable companies, CAM guarantees long distance movers in Canada follow work safety protocols.

Your belongings are important to you, which is why these accreditations are an essential feature of your moving company. Without these insurances or certifications, the moving crew isn’t capable of relocating your belongings safely across such far distances. Even with these qualifications, you’ll want to check the background of any company before you hire them. Look towards online reviews of previous customers who have used them for the same services. Google reviews and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) are reliable sources to find out more about any long distance mover. Discount any of those that receive many complaints or that fail to resolve criticisms calmly and efficiently.

Eventually, by eliminating any company that fails these tests, you’ll be left only with the moving companies Canada as a whole trusts for important, long distance moves. Hire the team of movers that impress you the most with their ability to satisfy their customers with their efficient, capable, and friendly service. Once you have a qualified team ready to help you out, moving across Canada won’t seem so stressful anymore — no matter how often you do it!