Some Simple and Easy Ways to Attract Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand

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There’s absolutely no doubt that attending an exhibition or trade show will further your business if you handle it correctly – there are so many opportunities that a trade show or exhibition offers that it would be silly not to attend one. However, anyone who has ever been to an actual exhibition knows that those who are walking around will go home with hands and pockets full of brochures, with sore feet, and with so much light and sound overload that it makes their heads spin. How then can you make your exhibition stand special? What can you do for your potential customer to make them feel better about you and your business? Here are some simple and easy ways to attract visitors to your exhibition stand – and how to make them remember you.

Attract them with a great banner stand

First, you have to attract their attention with a great banner stand, such as those from With a brilliant banner that showcases bold, bright images and text, you are already on your way.

Have some fun with games

If you can make people who come to your booth have fun, then there’s really no downside to it at all – whether they end up buying your product or employing your service or not, there’s an unmistakable good impression that you’ve made, and that goes a long way. Furthermore, by showing you can have fun, you immediately have a much larger effect than you think; people are attracted to your booth simply because they see other people having fun there. It’s a potential gold mine. Even if it doesn’t translate into immediate sales, it could potentially generate a lot of future sales leads.


Competitions are good!

Imagine a good raffle or competition amongst potential customers in exchange for personal information and thoughts on what you have to offer. Imagine also the great fun that can be had. It’s a similar concept to having a game in place, only you have to offer a prize. And by the way, a healthy competition could raise adrenaline and the feel-good factor. It works.

Let them ask their questions

Have a Q & A – be prepared for the questions.

Let them relax

Provide a table, coffee or tea, and cookies. And smile.

You have to understand that it’s all about the customer, and it’s all about being different. If your demographic is a young crowd that wants action, then maybe the relaxing station is not such a great idea. Similarly, if your target audience is of the serious type, games might not be the way to go. It’s all about understanding your ideal customer and being able to cater to them – being able to grab their attention and appealing to them better than your competition. Think it through. But no matter what you do, please your audience and be original.

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