6 Amazing Content Writing Hacks

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These days, readers are smart and they look for content which is well-researched and informative. If you are unable write a quality content, then, you ought to lose market for yourself in freelance writing. Even if you are already a good successful freelance writer, its good be aware of a few content writing hacks, which can help you perform better and excel in the field.

Create a writing zone for yourself: Decide a particular time, and location for writing. See that, you put away all other schedules, to only concentrate on writing, during that time. Also, choose a time when you are most potential to write. Location also matters. Preferably look for a location with lots of ventilation, and brightness. This way, you can motivate yourself to put in maximum efforts to come up with a good content.

Create a pattern for your content: An article should have an introductory paragraph and a conclusion paragraph. The introductory and concluding paragraphs, together can have around 10 percent of the total word count. The rest of the words, can be split more or less equally, for different ideas you are going to convey in your article. For example, if a 500 word article has to convey 4 ideas, then, introductory and concluding paragraphs together will have 100 words. You can provide around 100 word content for every idea.

Divide the article into paragraphs: Have multiple paragraphs in the article, apart from introductory and conclusion paragraphs. Let your paragraphs be unified. A paragraph should convey only one idea. Start with an explanatory sentence, which can help illustrate the idea. Even a single sentence, which is not relevant to the main idea of the paragraph, can confuse the reader.  Also, a paragraph has to be coherent. The sentences in the paragraph should be logically or chronologically sequenced. Also, a paragraph should have a minimum of 5 sentences in it.

Finish an article at one stretch: Do not allow phone calls and messages to distract you while writing content. When you are writing an article, generally you are in a flow, and the flow should not be lost. If the flow is lost, it can affect the overall quality of the article.

Take content from multiple sources to avoid plagiarism: When you re-write an already written article, then you are more likely that you will be plagiarising content. Refer to plenty of sources. Gather information from multiple sources. And then, start writing the article, in your own words, with your own phrasing.  You may further add your viewpoints to the article, which you would have derived after reading from multiple sources. This way, you will be eliminating every possibility of plagiarised content.

Always write from a reader’s perspective: Before you start writing an article, think what you as a reader, would expect from an article. Always assume that your readers are smart and knowledgeable. Your article should have plenty of information taken from credible sources, preferably from books published by university publications, and peer reviewed journal articles. Use Google Scholar and Google books to find authorized sources of references.

No wonder you would be already aware of most of the content writing hacks, and you are already a successful freelance writer. Following the aforesaid content writing hacks, can definitely help you shine better in the field of freelance writing.

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