Giving the Gift of Brow Lifts

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Imagine getting a card with a note saying “Turn that frown upside down, because you’re finally going to look happy!” and the confusing stare you’d give your best friend who told you that they are paying for your brow lift. I know that stare since my friend was the one that gave it to me after I told her “We’re going to an aesthetic medical clinic in Singapore!”

She had always wanted a brow lift. She had some of those brows that no matter what she did, she looked upset and angry. She had been told that getting a lift, would allow them to sit in a more normal spot and she’d look more friendly and since then she has always wanted that done. So for her birthday, I got her an appointment at an aesthetic medical clinic in Singapore to get looked at and to get a answer on what really could be done.

Apparently, a lot could be done! She was told that a brow lift could easily be done at their clinic and told her the details of how that could fix her furled brows and give her a more pleasant look. I asked her if she was going to go through with it and she said she was. She then broke down and hugged me for giving her this gift. I knew how much this whole thing would mean to her! A month later, she was going to have an unveiling her look party and invited everyone. She’s not known to do things on a small scale! Everyone came and even the staff from the clinic in Singapore came!

She looked amazing! Her brows were lifted and the doctor who performed the procedure took us step by step on what was done. A few people there jokingly asked to make them appointments to get looked at.