Realistic tips for landing a job you love

No matter you are a recent graduate or an employee with strong professional work history, seeking for a new job will certainly hard and stressful also. Since, there are hundreds of job posting sites and platforms on the internet full of positions and jobs that can be applied immediately, but finding the best match that fits your skills and experience is still a difficult thing. Life is too short for waiting for your dream job to knock on your door so get up and take a good start right now by considering the following tips for landing a job you love. We are sure, these job searching tips will help you stand out and land a job that fits your professional experience and skills.

How to land a dream job

Assess your skills

Looking for a job title or benefits offered by the employer should not be your major concern when you are seeking for job but you should assess your skills first to determine which job will suit your needs and skills. Once you are confident about your expertise & skills, list down the jobs that requires skills and knowledge you own and then submit the job application accordingly.

Gather knowledge about the employer or company online

Thankfully, internet is the best place to acquire knowledge and information about businesses, company or employer you want to be a part of. In this digital world, almost every business or company has online presence at least social media profiles where they often share information and details. By searching over the web, you can get more knowledge about the employer or company as well as more job offers and opportunities to apply for.

Keep your online profile up to date

In this age of internet, majority of the potential employers and companies usually search for the best and competent employees on the internet based on the skills required for a vacant job or position. If your online profiles or social media accounts are updated with latest skills and education, chances of getting the job invitation are always higher. As LinkedIn is the best social media platform for professionals, you should have a profile on it and your details should also be updated to find better job opportunities.

Keep learning

If high school studies has successfully been completed but you cannot afford educational costs for further studies, finding a job is the best way to manage your finances as well as to keep the studies continue even without applying for student loan. In this era of advanced technology and high speed internet, you can earn quick bachelor degree by applying for an online study program or course. You should keep learning if you really want to advance your career in a particular industry or market.

Customize your resume for each position you apply

Whether you want to shift the industry or looking a better chance in the same industry, you should tailor your resume for each job or position you apply. It will show your professionalism and you will be able to provide most relevant and required details in a best possible way. Your resume shouldn’t include any unnecessary and irrelevant information in order to create an impact on the interviewer or hiring managers to make the chances of getting hired higher.

Take your time

If a job or position offered directly during the interview, you shouldn’t accept it quickly but ask the interviewer for some time to think after thanking for the opportunity offered. Always take your time to consider things like whether the offered job is best match for you or there is need to negotiate things before accepting. In this way, you will better be able to take mindful decision regarding your career.

Send interview thank you note

Sending a concise but professionally written interview thank you note will help you stand out from the crowd and chances of getting hired will also be higher than the other job applicants. You can send it via email, post or as a text message. Before sending the note, always make sure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors in order to create a great impact.

Follow up

There are a lot of elements that help you get success in your job search journey and following up is one of them. Don’t assume quickly that you haven’t been selected for the vacant job but write a follow up email or letter to the interviewer to inquire about the matter. As most of employers and companies operate according to their own schedules that might be different from yours, so following up is the best way to ask in a professional manner.