How to Secure the Best Virtual Office Supplier in Auckland

New Zealand is an absolutely breathtaking country, with so much to see and do on both the North and South Island. It’s regularly featured in lists of the most beautiful countries in the world and when you see the stunning, diverse scenery on offer, you’ll soon understand why. However, the country’s natural beauty and friendly, laid back people are not the only things attracting business owners to this island nation.

As well as being listed as one of the most beautiful nations on earth, New Zealand has also won the accolade of being the easiest place on the planet to launch a new company. It’s highly competitive tax system is a massive draw, and when you couple this with a vibrant metropolitan city like Auckland, transparent regulatory bodies and a low level of compliance, you quickly see the draw for business owners. Auckland I, however, among the top 100 cities with the highest office rental rates in the world, which is making entrepreneurs look at alternative options in Auckland.

Virtual offices are rising in popularity as a result and you can secure a prime location once you find the right supplier. Keep reading to find out how.

Seek Out a Prestigious Location

When you start the hunt for a virtual office provider, it’s crucial you don’t just go with the first one you find. Search around until you find a premium provider who can offer you a location in one of the more prestigious locations of the city such as PwC Tower of the Vero Centre. These locations will add credibility to your organisation and help you get your business off the ground quicker.

For the top locations with regards to a virtual office in Auckland – Servcorp have some of the best locations locked in and offer flexible monthly lease payment options that are very attractive to business owners.

Consider Support Staff

Premium providers will offer highly-trained and skilled support staff to assist you in your day-to-day business operations. For example, the best providers will provide a dedicated receptionist to answer all calls to your dedicated phone number. They can then forward the call to your personal number at your discretion.

You might also want to ensure that IT support staff is included as you need to know if there are any tech issues, they will be resolved quickly, allowing you to get on with running your company uninterrupted.

Mail Forwarding Services

Since you will be using the virtual office address as your business mailing address, you need to be sure that any and all mail sent there will reach you no matter where you are. Having a mail-forwarding service option is something you should be sure to not overlook as this can be very important, especially if you are waiting for important documents or contracts to arrive.

Access to Boardroom and Meeting Room Facilities

Virtual offices are usually located in the same building as serviced offices, executive suites and sometimes coworking spaces Because these other facilities are in the building, there may be an opportunity for you to avail of services such as meeting rooms and boardrooms.

These facilities may be charged at an extra pay-as-you-go fee but can be an excellent addition to your operations if you are working remotely. They will be professional, well-equipped and fitted out to a 5-star standard, meaning you can impress your clients and host meetings with the confidence that you will be doing so in a top-class meeting facility.

Secure a Virtual Office Provider Who Can Deliver

When it comes to finding the right virtual office provider, ultimately you need to search for a company with a stellar reputation and a great track record in Auckland. The office space you choose will be directly associated with your company, so it’s critical you make the right choice and go for an experienced provider.

Be sure to check that they offer locations in sought-after office buildings, including skilled support staff and that a mail-forwarding service is in place. If you are going to want to meet with clients then meeting facilities can be a nice perk and can help you start your ventures in Auckland in the most professional way possible.