Still Trying to Close on the House

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It has been a couple of months now and we are still trying to work out the details on the house sale. It is going slowly because we really do not know exactly what we are doing, but it seems obvious that in the end it shall go through. We have started to look at the local home security places, because this place is really off of the road enough that there is little to prevent thieves from targeting it. I suppose that if I were going to be a burglar this is the type of place I would go after, since it is really not possible for any person to spot you. If you were clever then you could simply wait for the two of us to go off to work and then you would have all day to do whatever you wanted to do. Of course if you were going to be a thief, then you would probably hope that the victim had better stuff than what we have.

It is going to be pretty easy for us to move actually, since we are not even going to take some of the things that we have. I have this old sofa bed that I used when I was in college. The thing is incredibly heavy and since I am not desperately poor like I was when I was in college, the thing is going to go out onto the curb. My cousin has a pick up truck and a landscape trailer, so just about everything heavy or bulky can be carried in one load. The rest of it can be put in boxes and moved one load at a time by the two of us. That should only take one weekend if we really work at it hard.