The BEE scorecard forms the basis of the BEE movement

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The BEE scorecard forms the basis of the BEE movement. The rating is scored out of a hundred by an independent agency. This agency cannot in any way help with increasing the score. Help can be sought in the form of a BEE consulting company in this regard. Companies would bring in a BEE consulting company to initially outline a plan to get accredited. BEE consulting is not a once of commitment. New rules say that a company’s BEE rating needs to constantly be monitored and updated 4 times a year. If this does not seem like an issue that a business needs to concern itself with then a BEE consulting company will take all of this hassle off your hands. Not only will this BEE consulting partnership yield financial rewards down the road but is also a critical issue in the running of the business. One part of the BEE rating has to do with enterprise and supplier development. It has to do with a business’s supply chain.


This means that you can gain points by doing business with other BEE accredited companies. This could even include a BEE consulting firm. The points are not so much the issue here, as exciting as it is to add to your final score number. Taken from the other side of the equation, this also means that if you are not BEE accredited, you would not even be considered by some business for your services. This could mean anything from a few losses to the entire business going under. So while BEE is not exactly a firm part of the law, not becoming accredited could have long lasting consequences on your business. BEE consulting companies will help you find businesses that have a higher rating that provide the services you are looking for. This is an important choice as the higher their rating, the more points that goes towards your scorecard.

This is a reason why BEE consulting is needed throughout the year. Suppliers and customers will likely change and this needs to constantly be adapted. The price of bringing in consultants to help with your company’s BEE is not as expensive as one might think. They usually charge per hour. The initial consult will generally be the most expensive as they will need to familiarize themselves with the company and seek out areas where BEE strategies can be put into order. They will get back to the company with a full plan. This could be once off, yearly or a long term project. Their advice is invaluable as they have prior knowledge of what is going to work and what will not. This puts the cost of hiring a BEE consulting firm as one of the best investments a South African company can make. They are also there to ensure that the audit goes along smoothly and that all documentation needed is provided for. Any claims made towards the BEE accreditation needs to be supported by documentation classifying the information given, as true.